Let’s Talk About… is an interactive mapping project that encourages dialogue and awareness of diversity at SUNY New Paltz. A collaboration between students and faculty in the Art Education and Graphic Design programs at New Paltz, the project explores the central question:¬†How can place-based knowledge inspire dialogue on issues of diversity on SUNY New Paltz campus?¬†During the Spring 2014 semester, art education¬†students collected data through participatory asset-mapping while graphic design students developed the visual identity and interface for the website. The project is inspired by the Fall 2013 “Let’s Talk About It” symposium and aims to continue this dialogue within the campus community.

The Team

Art Education:

  • Sarah Hopkins
  • Crystal Zoodsma
  • Stacy Salva
  • Mike Oeinck
  • Kristen Matuszak
  • Samantha Rathbun
  • Tamar Hedges
  • Emily Polhill
  • Ryan March
  • Jose Feliciano
  • Taylor Mroz Coleman
  • Lindsay Wasserman
  • Sam Shephard
  • Elizabeth Yashnyk
  • Nicole Barron
  • Alyse Roe


  • Brianna Rascoe
  • Rachel Blasco
  • Lauren DeCicco
  • Dylan Goodman
  • Jessi Putnam
  • Andrea Salvador
  • Sarah Tollin
  • Lauren Walters


  • Aaron Knochel, Assistant Professor of Art Education
  • Amy Papaelias, Assistant Professor of Graphic Design